What is it?

Binding World is an upcoming supplement by Colin "Vindexus" Kierans about characters forming supernatural links with different entities. It will include:

  • Three unique compendium classes
  • Three related dungeon starters
  • Printable class sheets and dungeon cheat sheets
  • PDF download or print-on-demand book options
  • Monsters, traps, items, custom moves, and more!

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3 Compendium Classes

Each compendium class is built around the idea of linking your character with someone, or something, else. They include:

  • Multiple ways to unlock the classes
  • Their own unique theme and movesets
  • Moves to encourage expanding the fiction
  • Hints and prompts to get the most out of the classes

3 Dungeon Starters

Each dungeon starter is a cheat sheet that helps you create adventures for exploring the compendium classes. They include:

  • Questions for the table to help build the lore
  • Impressions for the GM to draw upon to build scebes
  • Dangers, traps, and monsters the characters might encounter
  • Discoveries, landmarks, and items they might find

Three Compendium Classes

The Bloodbinder

Perform a blood ritual with another player character to link you both.

  • Use each other's +STAT modifiers
  • Give the other player access to Bloodbinder moves
  • Share each other's pain, and even death

The Helltamer

Use your connection to hell to cast powerful spells.

  • Fight to tame your link with hell
  • Resist the taint of hell as it corrupts your flesh
  • Have your spells grow in power with your corruption

The Medium

Open yourself up to possession by benevolent spirits.

  • Seance with a spirit to have it inhabit you
  • Gain boons based on their domain of influence
  • Come to know who your spirits were before death

Three Dungeon Starters

The Sanguine Temple

An ancient order clings to the threads of their fading past. A new force attempts to use their sacred binding ritual for their own gain.

The Sundered Valley

In the valley where the First Battle between angels and demons is said to have happened, strange artefacts are shaping the future.

The Crypts

Not all is as it appears in the city's crypts, and rumors of something terrible within its halls are spreading.

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Get a 20% off coupon for the PDF when it's released if you subscribe!

orRead Past Updates